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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Is This Baby Due?

Since the miscarriage, my normally very regular 28 day cycle became a 33 day cycle. Because of this, online due date predictor's are all over the place. The majority of them predict based on a 28 day cycle putting my due date at October 26th and putting me at 5 weeks pregnant. But there was one that allowed me to alter my cycle length to 33 days which puts my due date at October 31st and me at 4 weeks. Since I won't get to the Doctor's until March 20th (and it'll only be my family doctor, not a specialist), I'm left guessing as to where my pregnancy stands.

Frankly, based on the descriptions for each week's progress, I fall into the 5 week category:
Your Pregnancy: Week 5 from The Bump.

Here's a convenient coincidence: This, the week of your first missed period, is also the week when your hormone levels are high enough for that home pregnancy test to work its magic. Once you've seen the good news for yourself, it's time to schedule a prenatal appointment with your doctor.
Well, I've tested positive on an at home test on the 16th of February (a week ago) and the 20th of February (three days ago). Oh, and my period was due on the 21st of February (two days ago). Sounds like 5 weeks doesn't it? This is all so confusing! Anyways, this is my life!

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