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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love this man!

"I want to eat meat and watch action movies tonight. I'm feeling really manly now that I've impregnated you."

So, I'm not sure how these posts will end up looking in the end. I'm going to attempt to hold off on posting them til we're a little further along in our pregnancy. But that being said, I want to blog and the one thing on my mind is this baby! So, a little recap: For the past few weeks I've been feeling a little off - sore boobs, randomly nauseous, outcrop of acne on my face, oh and constipation. Pretty much the exact same symptoms as the last time I was pregnant. I've pretty much just been waiting for the chance to pee on a stick and confirm what I was already 95% sure of. Well, that chance came yesterday! Although my period wasn't technically due until the 21st (and my tests were only supposed to be accurate 4 days before your expected period) I couldn't wait one more day. So I tore around the apartment trying to find a stick to pee on, before peeing my pants with that elusive first pee of the morning (if you've ever taken an at home pregnancy test you know what i'm talking about), and without alerting Turkey Butt to what I was doing. Well, I failed. Completely frustrated I hollered about not being able to find anything to pee on, then he told me to just be patient and wait one more day because i'd waste a test and then I finally found one and stormed into the washroom. You probably know what happens next. And to my surprise, it became positive almost immediately. So I snuck back out of the washroom, wrapped my arms around Turkey Butt and asked if he was mad at me. When he said no, I said, "Good, because I'm having your baby!"

Okay okay, I know this is a pretty lame way to break the news to him! The first time around, with Bun, I wrote baby across my stomach and asked him to rub my belly after he had cooked me a wonderful meal. It was so cute when he realized what my belly was trying to tell him! We were so excited! Sigh. Anyway, this time around, since I wasn't smooth enough to keep the fact that I was testing from him, I did the best I could. and it turned out to be just perfect for us!

Due date calculator results

Your baby will be born on or around Monday, October 31 , 2011

You are 3 weeks pregnant.

February 16th, 2011

This is my life :)

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