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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just had a rational (albeit one-sided) conversation with my dog. She began barking excessively, ran to the door (as if someone were knocking, though I knew they weren't), ran back into my room, jumped on the bed, and then returned to the doorway where she laid down. I waited a minute or two for her to calm before I came out to the doorway and this conversation ensued:

Me: "Did you want to go outside?"
Adora: (wags her tail and runs to the door)
Me: "Well perhaps you should have started with that!"

Did I really just try to explain to my dog how to better get what she wants? Really? I think I'm losing it. But, as always, this is my life!
Adora, sleeping at the end of our bed, cuddling her "baby".

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