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Sunday, February 6, 2011


So, after a little mental health break following our Thanksgiving miscarriage, Turkey Butt and I are trying to conceive again. We're both at the point where we're really ready to welcome a little bundle of joy into our life and wedding in 8 months or not, we're going to try to make it happen. I even have a "back up" wedding dress incase we luck out and I am pregnant (and showing) during our October 1st nuptuals. We've also been throwing around a lot of baby names and have agreed on a whopping eleven possibilities. I won't give anything away just yet, but we're going for unique/cute first names and meaningful middle names. And, unlike Turkey Butt, our babies will have one middle name only. With a long last name, two middle names would be a mouthful :) Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that the funny stories about peeing on fruit roll-ups and chugging KFC gravy may be popping up again soon! Until then, this is my life!

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  1. Best of luck! Or break a leg...or whatever it is you're supposed to say! Hubs and I aren't starting for another few months, so I look forward to the fruit roll-up peeing posts. :-) (Mmmm, a fruit roll-up sounds good right now...)