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Monday, February 21, 2011

Four Weeks!

So, we've hit the 33 day mark. This time last pregnancy we spent many hours in the ER and found out we were miscarrying the baby. My HCG count was so low in fact that it could only be tested through a blood test (even though I'd previously tested positive on an At Home Pregnancy - urine - test). Last night, I thought I should try using another urine test. I figured that if the test was still positive then I might not have to worry about history repeating itself. Luckily, the test came out positive pretty much immediately again! According to The Bump I am now 4 weeks pregnant! Here is a photo recap from Week 3 (not overly exciting just yet):

No, I'm not showing yet. I just gained that elusive post-miscarriage belly weight.

I got the idea for the Week by Week picture and journal entry from this wonderful photography blog! Please look through her Mama Mia's Maternity Book! It's amazing and mine will be somewheres near as nice. This is my life!

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