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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Much Information.

For those of you who have never been pregnant, spent a majority of time with a pregnant lady, or just lucked into being one of the few pregnant women who don't become constipated - you will not understand my excitement. To anyone else: I POOPED!

I've been adding Benefiber to my liquids (for about two weeks), I eat a serving of pro-biotic (keeps you regular) yogurt daily, and I've been drinking lots of fliuds but I've still been annoyingly (not painfully or unbareably just yet) constipated. These makes for a LOT of farting. Really nasty smelling ones at that (sorry Turkey Butt)! It also makes a hormonaly pregnant chick a little irritable and whiny. Or at least that's what happened with me. But finally today, I pooped! And now I feel so much better.

Tips for those in my situation or who may be in the future: Eat a lot of high fibre food. Stay away from cheese if you can (I couldn't). Take fibre supplements if you need to (the one I use, see above, is a powder that you miss into your drinks). Oh, and keeping you're feet up - I've begun keeping a foot stool by the toilet and the leverage really helps!

Sooo, sorry about all the poop talk. But, this is my life!

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