I just put an old lady's maxi pad through the wash and all I can think is this is my life...


Friday, February 25, 2011

Hormone Overload = Overwhelmed Elle

Morning sickness has slowly begun to creep up on me. It's not too bad yet, just nausea so far, but coupled with my out of wack hormones - I am a mess! I am so completely overwhelmed by this pregnancy, Turkey Butt leaving for Basic Training at the whim of the Canadian Forces, moving apartments in May and getting married in October. Sigh. I wish I was further along and could seek out someone who's been there to calm me down and talk things out with. But that will have to wait. So until then, Turkey Butt has to deal with my tears, sadness, frustration, stress, etc. Poor guy. Good thing I love him. This is my life.

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