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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby's Room Decor

We've been talking lots about babies lately. Strange, I know. We've taken a short hiatus from talking about baby names and have begun talking about how we'll decorate the future baby's room. At the moment we've decided on Super Heroes for a boy. The runner up was dinosaurs. For a girl's room we're torn between butterflies and hearts. It's still pretty up in the air at the moment. {If you've ever seen the Jude Law version of Alfie, you'll understand my love for hearts in a baby's room}

The super hero idea has been pretty fun to play around with though. The other day I came across a handful of these:

Which will look super cute framed on the wall. Well, that's my opinion at least.

At the moment I'm just anxiously waiting to get past the "33 day mark" as I refer to it. With our first pregnancy we began to lose our little bun in the oven at 33 days after my last period. For this pregnancy, the 33 day mark is tomorrow (Feb 21st). So please cross your fingers. Okay, so you won't have even read this post until long after the 33 day mark but I'll just imagine everyone in blog land crossing their fingers for me! I know I'm not out of the woods then, but it'll be the furthest a pregnancy has lasted for me. Perhaps I'm being unnecesarily superstitious but I just can't help holding my breath just a little.

Incase anyone else is keeping track, I'm still at Week 3 (according to my calculations):

Which means I'm growing a little poppyseed! Be well poppyseed, be well! This is my life!

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