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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pregnancy Rocks!

Well, i've been sick and exhausted and constantly in pain of some sort for the last week. Thank you pregnancy and your damn hormones. That being said, I've got to admit that being pregnant rocks for millions of reasons. The love child of Turkey Butt and Elle is carefully growing in side my belly is the number one reason, of course. But if you'll indulge a moment of selfishness, it also creates the greatest comeback ever. Example:
Elle: I love you!
Turkey Butt: I love you more.
Elle: Impossible.
Turkey Butt: Nope.
Elle: I'm carrying our love child in my womb for the next nine months.
Turkey Butt: Good Point.

Aha, an automatic WIN! It works every time! :) This is my life!

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