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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I Love 1978.

To truly appreciate my newly single status (yes, I ended things with the long distance beau), I decided to share with everyone, Why I love 1978.

1. James Franco

I think the description: actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and painter really says it all! But just incase you need a little more convincing, look at that smoldering gaze! Sigh.

2. Andy Samberg

You've got to admit that he makes dorky look SO cool. And a sense of humor to boot! I might just be in love.

3. Joshua Jackson

If when you think Joshua Jackson you think Dawson's Creek or The Mighty Ducks, watch 'One Week' and you'll be inspired!

4. Jim Sturgess

The lopsided haircut, the accent, the singing voice... But of course Jim would make the list!

Sure these guys are great eye candy, but they're also very talented, creative artists and THE best part of each of them: They're in relationships with strong, beautiful women!

* Honourable mention to 1981 for providing us with: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hayden Christensen!

...and 1985, because this is my life : )

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