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Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Names.

My childhood best friend is currently preggers with baby number two. We had serious discussions surrounding the chosen name for baby number one (Jackson) because I've wanted to name my son Jack for as long as I can remember. Our compromise was if baby number one ended up being a girl, I would have to run out and get myself knocked up so that I could be the first to use the Jack name. She had a boy. And to make things worse, my Uncle and his wife recently had their first. A boy named Jack. Oye.

So this time around, I've decided not to hold any names too dearly and am throwing them all out as suggestions for my friend. I figure, by the time I get around to naming my own children, I'll have a whole new set of favorites. Might as well help out while I can. Besides, my boyfriend has already mentionned his favorite baby names (Hercules being his number one, I kid you not) and I think we'll have a hell of a time compromising when the time comes.

Til the time comes, I guess I'll just keep Tatum Alexander and Hayley Quinn on the back burner and cross my fingers that they don't get used first. This is my life...

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