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Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Distance Relationships.

I love my boyfriend! He's sweet and goofy and romantic in his own way. He came into my life when I was content being single and was not looking for a relationship but he perfectly filled this void in my life that I didn't know I had. He's truly amazing and he's perfect, for me. BUT, life threw a wrench into our wonderful little existence. A wrench that turned our twenty minute walk relationship into an 8 hour flight/passport's are necessary relationship.

Even if you have never been in a long distance relationship, I am sure you can appreciate just how DIFFICULT it is. Constant texting wasn't enough so we switched to phone calls. Six hour phone conversations became too expensive so I hooked up the internet. Instant messaging was worse than texting because you can't always carry your computer around with you, so I bought a webcam and we gave Skype a try.

It turns out that two hour Skype dates are both the best and worst thing that could've happened to us. The "face to face" interaction involved with a Skype date is amazing. Getting to see him smile at me and hear him tell me I'm beautiful is amazing. The downside is it's something you get addicted to really quickly. Honestly, I need my boyfriend fix on a daily basis which just isn't possible due to time zones and work schedules. This is not good. I literally FREAK OUT! The stages are always the same. First, I obsessively check to see if he's online, every 5 minutes. Second, I become dissatisfied with and depressed by my life. Third, I burst into tears when I finally do hear from my boyfriend and don't want to talk to or see him. Fourth, I tell him that I never want to talk to him again because it's too hard for me. Finally, he calms me down, reminds me that we're worth it and I apologize and vow not to break up with him (then beg for his forgiveness) again for at LEAST another week.

It's the worst! But for now, this is my life.

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