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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cure Spring 2010

I found this great contest through Apartment Therapy (http://cure.apartmenttherapy.com/2010/spring) called The Cure: Spring 2010. It's an 8 step program designed to encourage and support it's participants as they make changes to their living spaces. I'm in desperate need of a well designed bedroom so I can't start sleeping in my bed, and not on the couch in the living room. Here are my Before pictures:

This shows the awful built in shelving that I DO NOT know how to arrange nicely, obviously. Currently a mismatch of stuff has found it's way onto the shelves and my storage containers (for craft supplies) are underneath. On the right is my VHS collection piled haphazardly on an end table that doesn't match anything else in the apartment.

The view from the door. Blanket covers the VERY small window that offers little light and NO view. A dehumidifier is being used as an end table with a broken lamp on it. Empty shoe rack and a couple awkward bookshelves/serving trays hold STUFF.

Same view as first picture, just the opposite side of the room. "Full length" mirror set up for getting dressed, though I usually do this in my large living room mirror. Ugly dresser that belonged to the bedroom set my parents used to own. BARE WALLS!

In the not too distant future I'll be adding some photos of the design styles I enjoy for bedrooms. As well as my plans for my own room. This is my life.

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