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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Songs in my Head.

I may as well use this forum to attempt to unstick a few songs from my head. Or maybe for the sake of getting them stuck in their another day...

Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons

...wasted on fixing all the problems,
that you made in your own head...

This song is so catchy and easy to sing along to. Also, there's something about the way they sing the word 'fucked' that makes me want to be British. Seriously! You cannot be mad at someone who says fucked so cutely. Sigh!

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye by John Mayer

...I love you more than songs can say,
but I can't keep running after yesterday...

Oddly reminds me of my current relationship. Or my past relationship. Or every relationship I've ever had with a guy. Hmmm, it's certainly all encompassing and it's on repeat in my head as we speak. I'm not usually a John Mayer fan but I'll let this one slip through the cracks.

Up Up And Away by Kid Cudi

There's nothing overly fantastic about the lyrics, aside from this little excerpt from the chorus: cause they gon' judge me anyway, so whatever. But the beat makes me want to get up and bounce around the room. So far it has worked wonders keeping me awake on some of my O/N's!

This is my life...

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