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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sorry for being so absent lately. We've been busy packing and moving and living - without the internet or my cellphone. Here is our update:

Turkey Butt is officially a member of the Canadian Forces Reserves as of last Thursday. He is taking his road test in less than an hour and fingers crossed by 11am I won't have to play chauffeur any more. He's still cooking but hopes to be out of there ASAP - or June at the latest.

Ellie Belly is creeping up on her 4 month milestone. She had this amazing growth spurt where she became so long (but still so slim) and now in the past few days she is finally starting to fill out. such a solid babe, just like her Mama was :). She loves to stand while clasping onto any willing fingers and can even pull herself up from her knees to a standing position. She talks alot, especially if someone is making eye contact with her - sometimes her words even resemble the sounds of real words which we obviously adore. She is even beginning to sing along (ahhh babb bahh's) to some of her favorite songs - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Goodnight Sweetheart, Twinkle Twinkle, Baby Beluga, and the ABC song. Her hair is getting long (minus the bald spot she's created on the back of her head from rubbing it back and forth against her crib bedding) and darker blonde. Though occasionally it still looks reddish. Oh, and she is finally into cloth diapers 24/7. My favorites being One-Size FuzziBunz and Size One Sunbaby's.

Adora is slowly getting used to her new house. The transition was made easier by the woodstove which she loves lying in front of - some mountain dog, eh? She is battling ear infections in both ears like a pro and has been diagnosed with an Aural Hematoma in her right ear. We considered surgery but have instead opted to give it time to heal naturally. So far the medicine she's taking for her ear infections has been easing the amount of fluid in her ear. Other than that, Adora is Adora - into everything, wildly playful at times though usually lazy, and pretty darn lovable. You know, when she's not making me tear my hair out because I've come home to chewed up baby toys, cloth diapers, trash, etc.

And me? Well I've been busy with the new house. We have officially been living in our dream house for almost two weeks now. It is pretty darn amazing, but also a lot of work. I don't know that I'll ever get ahead in my laundering or dusting. Just keeping the fire in the woodstove going is a chore in itself. Especially on days when i'd rather stay in bed - in Turkey Butt's dirty sweats for the 6th day in a row. A baby who often gets up 5 or 6 times through the night will do that to you. Pure exhaustion I tell you. I'll be happy when Turkey Butt can drive himself to and from work so that I can try to get Little Miss Elle on a sleep schedule. I'm thinking about trying the no-tears method. The few times that she's been exhausted and I've had things to do, I've tried to let her cry it out but she just becomes catatonic - screaming, can't catch her breath, coughing fits. Clearly it's not working. That being said, my attempts at the no-tears method have resulted in 15 to 20 minute cat naps if I'm lucky. Oh happy medium, I will find you.

As usual, this is my life!

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