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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ellie Belly & Mama's Snowy Love Day

First time in the snow - any other time she's been covered in her car seat on the way to and from the Jeep.
Little Miss Elle & Elle :)
In the doorway of our new house!
Back inside - Baby-o getting kisses from her Mama. Did you know that Mama Kisses are the best kisses because they're filled with love? True story!
Thanks Jay for letting us borrow your little man's Jolly Jumper. She loves it.
Too cute for words.
Yayyy, cloth diapers. This is a One Size FuzziBunz - my current favs. How cute?
Because Turkey Butt works tomorrow on the actual Valentine's Day, we are celebrating today. Unfortunately Turkey Butt had to shovel the driveway, pick up his kit (uniform, etc) from the base, and get groceries for our Love Day Supper. Ellie Belly and I had some pre-nap fun without him though. This is my life!

P.S. Little Miss Elle got me the sweetest Valentine's day card (thank you Turkey Butt). I literally bawled when I read it. It talks about how "she" thinks I'm the perfect Mom to guide, teach and motivate her through her wonderful life. It also thanks me for all the hugs, kisses and songs I share with her each day. Gah. After a rough, nap-less day yesterday - this was such a nice thing to read.

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