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Thursday, February 16, 2012

And Repeat.

It took Turkey Butt more than a year to make it through the Canadian Forces application process and be sworn in. Now things are moving far too quickly. He just called me from the base after his night there ended. He phoned to tell me that they worked their butts off (another new recruit vomited and then passed out), and that he'll start his on base training in a few weeks. This means that from March til July he will be living on base all weekend, every weekend. Gah! Turkey Butt and I have been lucky during our relationship that we've never spent more than a few days apart (I went to Maine for a few days without him - it was hell). I cannot imagine having him so close yet unable to see him so frequently. I just have to keep repeating to myself that he's doing this so that we (he, Elodie, and I) can have a better life.

The really sad part is that this is just the beginning of the Canadian Forces keeping us apart. Turkey Butt has already informed me that he would love to do a tour of duty overseas if he is given the opportunity. Oye. Not to mention any course/ training that he'll choose to do that may keep him away. He's doing this so that we can have a better life. He's doing this so that we can have a better life. He's doing this so that we can have a better life. Sigh. This is my life.

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  1. There is a strong element of that to which I can totally relate, though I think military families have it even worse than law enforcement families. Once you develop your rhythm (and if you're willing to let it), it can bring you even closer together. Could you maybe go with him abroad?