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Monday, February 13, 2012

Imperfect House Tour - Second Floor

View from the top of the stairs.
Second floor hallway - bookshelf, door to Little Miss Elle's room, old dryer.
View of (left) laundry area, (straight) bathroom, (right) linen closet from stairs end of hallway.

Little Miss Elle's room - baskets of teddy's, change table, baskets of cloth diapers, blanket ladder.
Little Miss Elle's room - dresser, rocking chair, crib.
Little Miss Elle napping in her crib with Big Teddy, Bun Bun and Ellie the Elephant.
Walk-in closet a.k.a. my future craft area, book shelf.
The mess that will soon be my craft area - moving the desk from downstairs (behind the loveseat) up here.
Baby side of closet - clothes and play grocery store shelves.
Laundry area - we only had room for a top loader so bye bye dryer, hello clothes line (when the weather cooperates).
Bathroom - lots of drying clothes.
Energy Efficient Toilet with the half flush option and Ellie Belly's seat when I have to go.
Linen closet and overflow of dirty clothes.
View of Master Bedroom from the hall - poster was an xmas gift for my sweet hubby.
My side of the closet + a portion of our dvd collection.
Turkey Butt's side of the closet, laundry hampers overflowing and Alucard chilling in the bassinet.
Awesome windows - reallllly need to hang curtains.
View of backyard/two storey barn from bedroom windows.
The reason we got the house so cheap - view of the extremely close, very busy road.
Our bed - recognize the headboard from our wedding pics? It's the old doors we stood in front of during our ceremony.
Old chimney, now painted over.
Board game closet in the hallway.
View from windows in the hallway leading to the third floor.
Hallway/stairs leading to the third floor.
This is my life :)

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