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Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Month!

Big Teddy was given to me by my Diddy the day I was born.

Elodie turned one month old on November 18, 2011. I can not believe that my little Muffy is a month old already. Boy does time fly when you're having fun! Yesterday we went to the Dr's for her one month check up. My babe now weighs 8lbs and is approximately 55cm long (21.7 inches).

After the appointment, we went for a drive so that little Miss Muffet could take a nap - she sleeps so easily in her car seat! I went to two baby stores and bought her all kinds of new goodies! I guess I could say they were one month gifts but really I just like shopping for baby stuff. I really don't remember the last time I bought something for me. Anyway, I bought her a new hooded towel, 7 Sandra Boynton board books, a sleeping wedge (luckily it was used and only $6 because I don't think it'll work for our squirming baby), a pacifier clip, some clothes and a couple newborn sized cloth diapers.

This is my life!

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