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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Little Miss Elle had a good napping day. That being said, she's 6 weeks old so really I only got about 3 or 4 hours (total) to dedicate to cleaning the kitchen. Here are some photos of the progress I've made:
Waiting for my dishes to dry. It's takiing foooorrrreeeeevvvveeeerrrr.

Stove is clean. Counter is clean. Glass canisters are drying. Now I just need to look for a bread box at a thrift store.
Sorry that I forgot to get before photos of the cupboards. But this is my organized dishes cupboard.
My organized spice cupboard. Used a box that a stuffed animal came in to hold all the refill spice packages.
More organized baking/hot drink cupboard. Still could use a lot of work.
Got rid of all the half empty boxes of snacks and created the snack basket.
Still needs a lot of work but all my baking supplies are in the pink box (i.e. candles, cookie cutters, etc.). My plastic measuring cup (top right corner of photo) holds all my smaller measuring utensils.
Slow and steady wins the race... Or at least that is what I've heard. This is my life!

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