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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cloth Diapering

Turkey Butt and I had this idealistic idea that we would cloth diaper our baby. I went online and purchased used diapers. I researched the different types of diapers, how to clean them, how many you need, pros & cons, etc. I even have a wonderful friend who makes cloth diapers and gifted me a dozen or more when Elodie was born. Fast forward to four weeks after her birth and we've only cloth diapered her twice. Believe me, it's not because we don't want to or that it's too much work. The fact of the matter is that six months after we've moved into our current apartment we are still waiting for the washer our landlord promised us. Honestly, what's the point of cloth diapering if you have no cost efficient way to launder them? I say cost efficient because our current laundry situation involves one old washer and one old dryer in a building frequented by 30+ tenants. So when you take into account the fact that it costs $1.25/load and for each load of dirty cloth diapers you have to do a cold rinse followed by a hot wash and another cold rinse. That would add up quickly. Probably a lot more quickly than disposable diapers do! Add to that the fact that the washer is notoriously bad, awful, horrible at cleaning anything. Sigh. Until the time when we can cloth diaper on a full time basis, here's an adorable photo of Little Miss Muffett in a cloth diaper (and cover)!

This is my life!

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