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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cloth Diapering: Pre-folds

I finally got around to prepping my pre-folds (in my case, I boiled them) so I figured today I would give them a shot on Little Miss Elle.

My stash of (clean) cloth diapers that currently fit Little Miss Elle. 2 Fuzzibunz XS pocket diapers, 3 homemade All-In-Two's, 3 fitted diapers (one homemade, 2 Rearz), 11 newborn prefolds, and 4 diaper covers. 
This is a prefold. It's made up of a varying number of layers of absorbent material. The middle will always be the most absorbent and therefore have the most layers. This one happens to be 4X8X4 which means the middle has 8 layers while the two sides have 4 layers.
This is how I folded it today to use on Little Miss Elle. Let's call it the "tri-fold".
An example of a diaper cover that you would use with a prefold. I took these photos after Little Miss Elle was diapered and napping again so these aren't the exact ones on her.
I placed the tri-folded prefold into the diaper cover like this and then put it on Little Miss Elle like you would put on a disposable diaper. This diaper cover has velcro tabs.
So, I put a prefold onto the babe at 12:41pm.
The disposable that I had taken off was urine soaked.
She hasn't had a poopy diaper since approx. 9:15am.
She's very gassy so I wouldn't be surprised if I find a #2 in her prefold.
She drank approx. 1oz of formula before she fell back to sleep.
Cut to 1:51pm and Little Miss Elle has sprung a leak.

Upon closer inspection I realized that I didn't attach the velcro tight enough on the right side. This of course was the location of the leak. On a more positive note, the left side of her sleeper was perfectly dry so I know this epic fail was due to user error. Oh well, better luck next time.

This is my life!

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