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Friday, November 11, 2011

As Promised...

... the dinky car track that I created for my cousin's 2nd birthday! Turkey Butt purchased a 4-pack of foam mats for his man cave/workout room/the shed at Wal-mart for $9.99. I swiped one to use as the base for the track. I also picked up a 4-pack of electrical tape (in 4 lovely colours) from the Dollarama and found the wooden trees in a random box at the local Used Bookstore. Sadly, this photo was taken before I stumbled across a pack of Transportation scrapbook paper in my craft area. Picture if you will little red, glittery, paper stop signs taped onto all the important traffic stopping intersections!

Let's tally up the cost of this project:

Foam Mat ------- $2.87
Electrical Tape --- $1.73
Wooden Trees ---$1.15 (I could've had 20+ trees for $2 but only wanted 4 and offered to pay $1 for them)
Stop Signs ------- Free (since the paper was bought years ago for a different craft project)

= $5.75 for a birthday gift for a 2 year old!

This is my life!

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