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Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is why I love my fiance!

Give me a kiss to build a dream on

And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss

Sweetheart, I ask no more than this

A kiss to build a dream on

Give me a kiss before you leave me

And my imagination will feed my hungry heart

Leave me one thing before we part

A kiss to build a dream on

When I got home from work tonight, I sat down at the computer to glance at my Facebook and update my blog. This is pretty common for me. But, just as I sat down, Turkey Butt turned on some music (not so out of the ordinary), turned on the Christmas tree lights, and turned off the rest of the lights. I didn't think much of it, except that it was difficult to type in my email address in the dark. But then Turkey Butt grabbed my hand and asked me to come dance with him :) We just slow danced to 'A Kiss To Build A Dream On' by Louis Armstrong, in front of our Christmas tree! Soooo romantic, so sweet, so absolutely perfect! I SO love my fiance! He's a keeper! This is my life :) :) :) :)

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