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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our First Christmas

Today, Boxing Day, Turkey Butt and I are celebrating our first Christmas together. We're starting the day in our matching pajamas, he'll make us smoothies and french toast, my parents will come watch us open our presents, I'll make scallopped potatoes for supper (his request) and we'll just lie around being lazy with the animal babies all day!

Last night, since it was our version of Christmas Eve, we each opened one gift from the other. I received a beautiful photo of an old house that spans across two canvases. Turkey Butt received a DVD collection of the entire career of one certain boxer. He was SO excited! Big smiles, goofy grin, knocked me over to kiss me and thank me and tell me he loves me. What a great reaction!

Now if only he'll get out of bed, we can get this party started :) This is my life!

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