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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Movie # 16

I really tried to like this movie. I did. Even the fact that I was watching it at 2am didn't save this movie. Nor did this handsome man. Or this great actor. I just couldn't get passed the fact that I cannot stand ANYTHING about Jenny McCarthy. She's just one big annoying package (sorry, it really works for her, but I can't take it). Apparently there's a Santa Baby 2. After looking here though, I'm going to skip it. Santa is no longer played by that same great actor (see above) and Luke (a.k.a. the hunk) is now played by Mrs. Tori Spelling. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Dean McDermott but he's no Ivan Sergei. Besides, if I'm watching a sequel, I want to see the same people playing the same roles. Otherwise, write out those roles. This is my life.

Ivan Sergei, mmmm.

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