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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy Windstorm Batman.

The radio has been warning us Valley folk  about Severe Wind and Rain Storms coming our way. Obviously, I've just been ignoring it. Oops. During the midst of it, you couldn't find a house with power (unless they had one of those fancy generators) within a 30 minute radius of my town. Including my town. Turkey Butt walked me to work and the only vehicles on the roads were police car's and fire trucks (and the fire trucks always had their lights on). We didn't run into any people (or Zombies - trust me, we were a little worried) on the 20 minute walk. But the entire town was pitch black, it was plus 15 degrees Celsisus, the wind was blowing Adora over and trees were literally being uprooted out of the ground. Down by the water, the visibility was worse as the fog was rolling in at an unbelieveable pace. It was straight out of a Zombie Apocalyse movie, I swear.

 To top that, I had to sit in the pitch black, creepy old Victorian nursing home all night. I waited and waited and by morning, the power still wasn't on. Trust me, it is very difficult to rouse 5 elderly ladies, get them breakfast and complete their personal care by the light of a flashlight. I managed it though. When my shift was through, I made the trek back through town - but in the daylight this time. It was amazing! Large trees cracked in half, power lines hanging like skipping ropes from their branches, trees uprooted in areas that I don't think had trees to begin with. I kinda felt like I was in a really tamed down version of Twister*.

It's 2pm now. The power only just returned... to our place at least. Turkey Butt and Adora have wandered downtown to see if they can find any food. Rocco and I are cuddling and awaiting their return. I'm certainly curious to see what the state of the town is now that the power has returned. I've heard it mentionned many times, "you know it's bad when Tim Horton's has shut down". On that note, I'm going back to eating Turkey Butt's Peeps:

and enjoying my time off before work interrupts my life again. Some tree trimming perhaps? This is my life!!!!

*I'm not comparing our wind storm to a tornado. I cannot imagine the ramifications of something like that. I am purely joking/using sarcasm to allay my night. Sorry if I've offended any one.

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