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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hollywood Humour

I am loving the new leading men that have been popping up in movies and on tv shows in the past few years. Gone (okay going) are the Nic Cage's, the Tom Cruise's, and the Brad Pitt's. Finally the movie industry is appealling to my generation. We're sarcastic, want a good laugh and need a realistic leading man. Or at least I do. How many of you know the Brad Pitt type in real life? Now, how many of you would actually want that type as your leading man? Not me. I'm looking for genuinely sweet, sarcastic, honest, down to earth, able to go with the flow and make fun of themselves when necessary.

These are some celebs that I've been loving lately for this exact reason:

(Jason Segel - How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall - not afraid to get naked and use his goofiness to get laughs)
(James Stewart - It's A Wonderful Life, Vertigo - he's always been my leading man)
(Jay Baruchel - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Knocked Up - adorable, hilarious, nerdy laugh - A+)
(Tom Hardy - Inception - is it just me, or was he the best character in Inception?)
(Casey Affleck - Gone Baby Gone, The Killer Inside Me - he's more serious roles never take anything away from his quirky characters like Virgil in the Ocean's trilogy)
(James Franco - Milk, Tristan + Isolde - as always, cannot be forgotten and especially cannot be left off a list like this)

This is my life!

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  1. Totally agree with Tom Hardy! Love love loved him in Inception!