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Monday, December 27, 2010


I spent too much money this Christmas. There. I said it. Three Christmas' ago I was broke and thought, How can I give without breaking the bank? So I decided to donate money to charity in lieu of giving gifts to my large extended family and my good friends. Sure, I gave a few tiny things, stocking stuffers really but I stuck by it that first year. The problem? No one wanted to abide by my wishes to not receive gifts either - just money donated in my honour. So I felt guilty and the next Christmas I bought a few more gifts for everyone AND donated money to charity. This year my gift purchasing was extraordinary. Definitely at least as much as I ever did. Plus, I still donated all that money to charity.

Because I've this, i've made the decision to get back to the basics, and make my gifts for next year! Knowing that waiting til the last minute is not an option when making things, I've already begun my creations. Best case scenario, I complete one item a week which will give me 52 items come Christmas 2011. I'm sure it won't be that perfect, but it's a good goal. A fairly realistic goal at that.

With a few days spent in Cottage Country for my birthday, a trip down south (Mexico? Cuba? Domincan?) for our anniversary/Turkey Butt's birthday, oh, and a wedding - money is going to be tight this year. But bring it on! This is my life!

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