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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I Love Turkey Butt

I accidentally forgot my phone on the bed while I was in the living room blogging today. I missed one call and five texts from Turkey Butt in less than an hour. This was my favorite:

"helo its me boyfriend turkey butt. remember me u love me. talk to me"

Hahaha, my boy is many things, but an extraordinary speller will never be one of them. But that's what makes this so darn cute.

Oh, and this lunch box (see below), which was unexpectedly delivered to me at work, is another reason why I love him!

(hot chocolate in my ladybug thermos, juice pack, bloody candy finger, pb & j tortilla wraps, banana, 'The Guardian' movie and a wonderfully misspelled love note)

I think he's a keeper.

This is my life:)

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