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Friday, September 3, 2010

Princess Prancy Pants

I'm going to attempt to upload a video of Adora that was filmed last night. It is further proof that this baby girl is spoiled, inspite of what her "sad face" may try to get across when you leave her alone for a minute.

In this, Turkey Butt is holding her dog treat and encouraging her to take it out of his hands. Usually she is given treats, quite freely by certain grandparents (I might add). This is her reaction. Keep in mind this was going on for a few minutes before I could find my camera and set it to "video".

In other news, my ever so clumsy Turkey Butt managed to step on a furniture tack last night. After it happened, he just stood on one foot and calmly repeated, "Take this out. Take this out. Take this out." It was really stuck up there!!! The tack part of it was about 4 times the length of a thumb tack and I'm very surprised it didn't pop out the top of his foot. Now I get to watch him limp around the house, which provides me with hours of entertainment!

This is my life!

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