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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Next Big Step.

I met Turkey Butt's extended family over the weekend. We were invited to his cousin Emme's wedding Friday night. I wish I could explain how much I laughed and how much I love his family - but there are no perfect words. They're pretty fantastic though, just like my Turkey Butt. From rainy carriage rides to being asked a dozen times when we're getting married to the mother and father of the bride riding a mechanical bull - it was a wonderful weekend!!! Here are some of my favorite photos from the night:

(i made him wear his glasses, i think he looks SO cute but he got called 'Huey Lewis' all night)

(papa turkey butt getting in a nice right hook)

(turkey butt, his mama, his brother on leave from afghanistan, and his dad)

(after I changed out of my dress)

Being at this wedding helped Turkey Butt and I realize one very important thing: we REALLY want to elope!!! Strange, I know. I've dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl and I have certainly been planning my upcoming ceremony with great gusto but it is so not me. Frankly, I HATE the idea of being the centre of attention. Even if it's just for one day. And really, why spend thousands of dollars on a day that will seriously stress me out? I want to marry Turkey Butt because I am madly in love with him and can't imagine a single second of the rest of my life being spent without him. I definitely don't need the big fancy wedding to show that off. Not that his cousin Emme's wedding wasn't fun. It was. But it was fun because I was not front and centre. So we're talking about a good old fashioned elopement. I'm sure my future mother-in-law will NOT be pleased, but it's more US.

This is my life! 

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