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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding Planning: Guestbooks

Since the UPS guy just delivered the guestbook for my wedding, I thought it appropriate to share it with you. It also helps that it's totally awesome! Oh, and it will kick the ass of all other wedding guestbooks.

I ordered my guestbook from the Guestbook Store. It was insanely easy to do and it's the most unique guestbook that I've ever come across. Sure I could have taken hours and painstakingly put together a beautiful, scrapbooked guestbook. I could have spend hundreds of dollars buying the individual stamps and ink pads and matching paper for each individual page. I could have made twice as many pages as I needed and thrown half of them out because they weren't completely perfect. Sure, I could have done that. Instead, I went to the above website. I chose from the Wedding from the menu bar (there are many occasions to choose from). I was shown photos of album options - over 70 options in all - and I picked a nice black one. Now my total was at a whopping $18 (if you have a large wedding, be prepared to purchase two albums as they only hold about 120 pages)! Then, I was given two page design options (Casual or Formal). I chose Casual. The formal pages are what you'd typically expect from a wedding guestbook while the casual pages ask for some creative feedback from the guests. Like this example:
You're then given the price per 20 pages ($8) and the option to personalize each page with the name of the bride and groom ($16 per 20 pages). Since my wedding is small, I ordered 40 standard pages which adds another $16 to my total. Step 5 of 6 prompts you for the name of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date to be used on the FREE titling page (a.k.a. the first page in the guestbook).

The last step offers you other pages to put in your guestbook. You can opt for none of them, a few of them, or them all. All the prices are clearly listed and some of the additional pages could be Journaling Pages, Invitation Pages, or just plain old Lined Guestbook Pages. I opted for the Invitation Pages ($2 for 2 pages) and the Wedding Day Reflections Pages ($2 for a set of two pages). The Wedding Day Reflections Pages offer a place for the bride and groom to remark on their favorite moments and memories as well as write a love letter to their new spouse.

My total before shipping charges was only $38.00!!! Considering that the package shipped (in a week - from date ordered) from Wisconsin to Nova Scotia via UPS, the total cost of $64.80 was completely worth it! I can't even imagine how much something this unique would have cost me to make homemade. Obviously I love my Guestbook Store wedding guestbook! Even Turkey Butt has exclaimed that he's never seen anything like it and cannot wait to see the pictures guests draw of us! This is my life!

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