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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shopping Proof.

.. at last.
(three gorgeous new necklaces and a pretty way to display them)

(yellow gold with light blue beads - super cute and it'd have to be for me to buy anything yellow gold)

(this long chain with the owls charm was on sale, and then 25% off the sale price)

(I love beaded necklaces, and these pale colours will be perfect for the Spring)

(a few monogrammed items from Michael's... notice no i's though, that store is officially i-less which is only slightly stressful when wedding planning and your future last initial will be i... grrrrr)

(Really beautiful top from Old Navy, it was my most expensive find but too cute to pass up)

(totally adorable light cotton top from the clearance section at Old Navy. Cream with navy blue polka dots and a slightly ruffled collar - Turkey Butt hates it but my love for it outranked his opinion)

(another Old Navy find - loose fitted, super soft and a cute pattern)

(a really adorable little cardigan/wrap to wear over my wedding dress... here's hoping the colours don't clash)

(cute little apron that I found at HomeSense - might have to use this for my '50's housewife themed engagement photos...)
There a few other things being left out, some cute tank tops and some wedding crafting material... But for today, this is a good idea of what I came home with. This is my life!

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