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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We had to have our poor little man put down yesterday. Talk about a shock to the system! He was wheezing and having a little trouble breathing so thinking he might have asthma like "Aye's cat", I took him to the vet. At the vet's office, they said he had a fever so I could put him on antibiotics (incase it was an infection) or they could do a couple chest xrays to see what was going on. I opted for the xrays - better safe than sorry, right? I had to leave him there for a few hours to get the xrays. Not much more than an hour later though, as we're eating lunch in a local Cafe, we get a call from the vet. Fluid in the lungs... Three possible causes: an incurable virus, internal bleeding or a tumour. None of the causes were treatable.

After a lunch that I didn't taste as I was trying to hold in my tears, we went to the vet's office. There we got the news we were preparing ourselves for. Rocco would not get better. We could take him home, but he would get much worse. Putting him down was given as an option. Looking back I think it was the only option as they didn't even want to bring him to us until we asked to see him. Our little baby had had a steroid injection so he was a little dopey but had more energy and enthusiasm than he had that morning. He cuddled with Joseph and I and purred the whole time. We bawled our eyes out, and hugged each other, and lamented on all the heart aches we've been through in our relationship. {I'm crying now just thinking about it} We loved our little man as much as we could in the half hour we had left with him and we said our goodbyes.

Our baby Rocco was born on August 31st, 2010. At some point in his early life he was thrown out a car window but was luckily rescued and taken to the shelter. His damages were so severe the shelter considered putting him down but put him into foster care instead. He was 2 and a half months old when we came across our little shelter kitty and we knew he was coming home with us. From the second that I set his cage down on floor of the spare room he started purring and didn't stop for days. He fell in love with Adora (and vice versa) immediately and they were the best of pals. He gave his Daddy kisses before bed but otherwise hid from his as Daddy like to splash water on him). He cuddled with me on the couch and in bed often. We think he had the best few months with us and knowing how things ended up, we wouldn't have changed our minds for all the money in the world. He is soooo missed already! But there will definitely not be anymore kitty's in our future.

This is my life.....

(Rocco after he tore into Adora's Christmas gift... Eating the dog bone... Or at least attempting to)

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  1. Now I'm crying! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, bestest and Turkey Butt! Rocco was lucky to have two amazing parents and sister. You brought a lot of happiness to his short life. Love you both!