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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Blogging and Wedding Planning...

I've been on the computer on a dauly basis catching up on my favorite blogs and I've only just now realized that I haven't been writing any posts myself. As per usual, I am insanely busy with work. This week alone I've done 5 O/N's (with my 6th one tonight) and 3 evening shifts. It makes for a very busy Elle...

Also making for a very busy Elle? Wedding planning! The wedding is in less than 9 months. Gasp! We've gone back and forth a little on the exact date, but we've known since Day One (pretty much) that'd we'd marry in the Fall of 2011. It seemed SO far away once upon a time. Now it seems like it is coming so quickly. I've ordered a custom-made wedding dress from Etsy. It was cheap and if I don't like it, I figure i'll have lots of time to look for something else. I've booked the first few nights of our honeymoon at one of these cottages. I've created, printed and am in the process of writing on the envelopes for our Save The Date Cards. Our guest list has been finalized. It may start a family feud (and not the good TV game show kind) but we're happy with it and best of all, we don't have to break the bank and rent a bigger venue. We're looking into booking our Pre-Honeymoon at the end of March/early April. There seem to be so many great last minute deals that we're waiting til closer to the date to pick one.

Honestly, it's a bit of a mad house around here. But a good mad house. One filled with much more love than stress! Our animal babies are doing great. Little Man has doubled in length since arriving here and Adora had her 2nd birthday last week. They grow up so fast, sigh. As for Turkey Butt, he's busy with work and was busy training for an upcoming boxing match. Was being the key word. The amateur boxing rules have been changed and he's not a fan of the outcome of them and is questioning whether he wants to box anymore. Honestly, not having to watch someone trying to punch him in the face is just fine with me! Don't get me wrong, I would have been ringside at the fight had it gone on... but I'll be happy if that's something my eyes never have to see. Turkey Butt is undefeated in his amateur career but I know first hand that that doesn't mean he won't come home with cuts, bruises, and broken ribs (that was the worst). As it is, he regularly gets chronic nose bleeds because his boxing career has caused holes to form in the veins of his nose. Anyway, I will try to update everyone with more wedding stuff as it comes up. Enjoy your weekend, whether you're working, or just to relax at home with a loved one... or both, like me! This is my life!

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