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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Planning Continued...

While I'm on the subject of wedding planning, I thought I would pass along a couple things that I have found useful to me. For starters, I slowly began buying bigger ticket items before we were even engaged (in our case I knew it was coming - maybe not recommended for all). My wedding band has been purchased from EidelPrecious on Etsy (in September) and my custom wedding dress was purchased from Etsy (in December - but that's all I will say on the subject as Turkey Butt follows my blog).

Since my venue is a freebie, and my photographer comes at an amazing price, I've had extra room to start purchasing lots of little things. I am ALL about the details, I really think that is the key to an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. So these last few months before our wedding, I'm spending a little money here and a little money there to get all the details just right.

This month I've created our personal Save-The-Dates using Picnik and printed them at Walmart's Photo Centre. I've ordered our customized guestbook from the GuestBook Store (so simple, unique and inexpensive). I've picked up numerous monogrammed items from Michael's and through wonderful vendors at Etsy. Again through the wonderful land of Etsy, I've ordered a custom wedding stamp, custom wood-carvings, and even some coasters which I'll decorate all on my own.

And the total cost for this month of wedding planning: $250. Considering I purchased all of the above, plus all of the gifts for my wedding party and invitation samples, I think I made out pretty good. The best part? It was all money I had to spend. December was a 3-pay month at one of my jobs, and having that second job was good on the wallet as well. Now I've got a great headstart and my financial situation is still very secure! This is my life!

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