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Monday, November 15, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge.

Through the magical, invisible strings in blog world I came across this fun challenge at http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/2010/11/announcing.html. The just of it is: 30 days. 30 articles of clothing (not including jackets, under garments, accesories, etc). 30 different outfits. NO SHOPPING! Through the basic rules, shoes are supposed to be a part of my 30 but shoes are not an issue in my life - sneakers for work, boots for fun. My main issues are tops and how I feel the need to go shopping every other day and buy more clothes each time. Oye. So I'm giving this a go!

Here are my 30 items of clothing:

(black Miley Cyrus leggings from Wal-mart - with holes on backside)

(softest, comfiest jeans in the world - thank you bluenotes)

(i've had these jeans for at least 2 or 3 years - I think they originated from bootlegger)

(old navy sweetheart jeans)

(navy cardigan via frenchies*)

(cardigan that I wore over my best man dress at my dad's wedding - old navy)

(target this weekend)


(bluenotes, i think it was on sale for $5... maybe $10)

(bluenotes, another cheap find - less than $10 for sure)

(suzy shier, my absolute favorite cardigan - still kicking after two years)

(from winners - i've yet to wear this outside the house - great for dress up though)

(from joe fresh, i bought this in a grocery store)

(urban behaviour - i think i bought this during last fall's maine shopping trip)

(target this weekend. bought it in XL just because I had to have it - and was not fitting into XS)


(winners this summer. very cute with leggings and my favorite black cardigan)

(sale rack at bluenotes a million years ago - still love it, holes and all)

(old navy - get to live out my hippy fantasy's in this top)

(garage - too big but let's me have a don't-have-to-suck-in-kinda-day)

(winners, also with holes - i wear my clothes out when i love them long time)

(target this weekend, almost returned it... not sure about the zipper...)

(suzy shier, super expensive, bought for a murder mystery party where my character had to dress like a rich little daddy's girl and I didn't think I had that in my closet)

(garage - my go to tank top. full of holes)

(worn only once. new purchase from winners that spent many nights on my bedroom floor with the tags still on it)

(bluenotes. big and baggy but still capable of being dressed up)

(walmart - tag still attached - haven't put it on even once - hoping it's a good fit)

(i always feel so classy in this top - from smart set, my favorite store in high school when money seemed endless)

(from winners, very cute and baggy in the awful belly area)


First, I would like to apologize for the randomly 21-29 numbered items. My childhood book was working perfectly, til it began going up by ten each page after number twenty. Sigh. Instead you're stuck with items randomly lying around my apartment. Like a Target bag. Just got back from a weekend in Maine. Spent my full customs-specified allowance in Target (the first store), ate at The Olive Garden and was ready to go home to my much missed Turkey Butt. But don't worry. I returned a few items, and stayed the full two days. And now i'm online shopping at Target.com.... Hmmm.

* For those not in the know, Frenchie's is a used clothing store (or franchise of them) in Nova Scotia. All the clothes get shipped here from New England and they're tossed into bins that you have to methodically dig through to find something you may like. I kid you not.

So, this is my life!

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