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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since I've got weddings on the brain...

Some of my Etsy Favorites:

Hmmm, this retro 'Save The Date' card from papersocialite perhaps? Except with the yellow in a deep orange and the starburts in chocolate brown or black!
This dress from ouma is pretty fantastic. The black ribbon tied around it is exactly the look that I'm going for.

And this headband from Little White Dresser would be perfect in my hair. Hmm, up do or down?
This sign from Go Jump In The Lake has just the right feel for our outdoors at the cottage, autumn wedding.
What a fantastic guestbook idea! These puzzles from Bella Puzzles Too are a photo of the happy couple on the front, and on the back, it provides guests the opportunity to write a heartfelt message. So cute!
Another dress, this time from AnnabelAndRuby . Has more of the vintage 1950's look that I'm aiming for. If only the flower and ribbon were dyed black!
The only flowers that I want at my ceremony/reception are going to be in my bridal bouquet. I think this one from braggingbags is absolutely perfect.
And just incase I don't feel like there's enough black in my outfit - I've got my eye on this bolero from maryandangelika.

As you can see, I love etsy. Oh, and weddings - especially mine! This is my life!

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