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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A case of the grumps.

I think that once in awhile I am allowed to be grumpy! For instance, if I haven't been home for more than 5 minutes in the last 15 hours because I've been working. If my boss shows up late to relieve me, again. If I go to scrape the frost off my car only to realize that my perfectly-good-last-summer scraper is broken and the actualy scraping part of it is missing. If I notice a large pile of turkey fat on my back seat where Turkey Butt kept the turkey during our hour long drive to the cottage for Thanksgiving. The turkey he promised wouldn't spill on my backseat and made it seem like that was such a silly question for me to ask. If I try to pull in my driveway and have to wait for the delinquent from upstairs (and his buddy - the town's resident underage drunk whom i've caught shoplifting at a previous job) to stop smoking in the middle of the driveway and move out of my way. If I pull into the driveway and realize that the parking lot is full, again - and I won't be able to back into my awkward parking space. If I get out of the Jeep to find Turkey Butt standing in the door, ready to leave for work even though I've seen him for less than 10 minutes since 2pm yesterday. AND THEN, he gets huffy about my grumpiness and leaves without saying goodbye or even giving me a goodbye kiss, only making me MORE grumpy. HMPH! Today is a grumpy day. This is my life.

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