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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Say Yes To The Dress

I just finished working O/N three of four. To pass the time I've ogled the new IKEA catalogue, baked egg-less peanut butter cookies, created some Halloween crafts and watched wedding shows on TLC. I was actually lucky enough to catch a couple reruns of Say Yes to the Dress that I hadn't seen before. One of them involved a woman buying a dress to pair with fairy wings for her Wiccan wedding. I've got to admit, initially I was like, "Weird" but then when I saw it, I realized I kinda loved it. Reminded me so much of the movie, Ever After. Cute!

On another note, we found ourselves a wedding photographer for a third of the price of the "competition". I magically came across her add on Kijiji one night - for pet photography! We took Adora for a photo session with her in the local park on Thursday and it was really laid back. She happened to mention that she's done a few weddings which certainly peaked our interest. She then emailed me with an amazing deal - $1500 off because she wants to use our photos to bild her portfolio! Done!

This is my life!

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  1. How exciting! I remember when I found my wedding photographer for a great price; she and I are still great friends!