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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our perfect wedding!

Mama & Elle

Mama, Elle, Aych

Diddy & Aych - I cried watching this from the top of the stairs

Diddy, Elle - Giving me away

Diddy, Elle

Diddy, Elle, Turkey Butt, Bee

Nanny, Elle, Grampie

Missy Moo

Missy Moo, Aunt Aye, Cee

Papa-in-law, Elle, Turkey Butt, Mama-in-law

Papa-in-law, Mama-in-law, Elle, Turkey Butt

Turkey Butt with his proud parents

Missy Moo, Elle

These are some of the photos from my wedding to Turkey Butt that hadn't made it to Facebook! I'm saving these to give as gifts, though it's unlikely the people I am gifting them to will read my blog. Of course, the ones who would read my blog, yo know who you are, will be surprised by a photo gift that they haven't seen anywhere! This is my life!

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