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Friday, October 14, 2011


Nesting instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals (including humans) to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn.

Yesterday I read a lot on the subject of nesting. No wonder, considering that yesterday the thought of getting off the couch to pee seemed overwhelming yesterday. I really had nothing to do to pass the time except look up random pregnancy facts/expectations on the internet. I even told Turkey Butt about the nesting concept and we both had a good laugh about how I most definitely was NOT nesting.

Now let's jump ahead to about 10pm last night. Turkey Butt is asleep in bed and I am in the living room updating the photos in all of our frames to wedding pictures. While watching Season 4 of Dexter. While creating a frame wall in the living room. While writing comments in our wedding photo album. While filling out as much of Little Miss Elle's baby book as I can considering she hasn't arrived yet.

Yup, I went to bed shortly after 2am thinking perhaps I was nesting, though it was probably a random burst of energy due to the two large glasses of iced tea I'd had post-9pm. But then I woke up this morning with a strong urge to put away our clean clothes. Side note: They've been clean since Sunday AM and have been sitting in the laundry hamper, not folded, since. Anyways, I only got a little discouraged when I rolled out of bed to find that Turkey Butt had dumped the whole basket onto the floor with our dirty clothes (Why Turkey Butt? Why?). By discouraged I mean I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies and caught up on life in blog world. But now, after making myself another tall glass of iced tea, I am ready to put the clothes away. And make my bed. And put away the clean dishes that have been air drying in the sink all week. And bag up the extra winter baby clothes that have been handed down to me (to be taken to a consignment shop). And. And. And. And.

.... I might just be nesting.


This is my life.

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