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Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's All In The Details.

It may or may not be apparent to those reading this blog, but I am a details person. To me, everything has to be planned down to the most minor detail and everything has to go perfectly according to plan. Now this doesn't mean that I'm a neat and tidy person, just ask my hubby. In fact, I live quite happily in a minor degree of clutter and chaos - but everything is exactly where I need it to be. Therefore, when the afore mentionned hubby goes on a cleaning spree (a.k.a. out of sight, out of mind) it drives me crazy til I can get things happily messy again. Now take all this into account and then add to it the fact that I just planned my wedding, while quite pregnant. As you can imagine, I had a minor bridezilla moment before we went to the Hall to decorate the night before my wedding. Something along the lines of, "If you're coming to the Hall then you have to know that I'm the boss so you have to do as I say and if you don't I'll cry!"

Luckily everything turned out just exactly as I'd planned and we got so many compliments on all of it. Now I wanted to share some of those minor details with you!

We bought a couple old doors and hinged them together as a backdrop. The wedding was supposed to be outside but the doors worked well inside too.
This was my sister's perfect idea! Two old crates that had washed up on the beach, piled on top of each other as a signing table.

We spray painted pumpkins and ghords black and white and used washi tape to put monogram on it.

Might be hard to see, but the pumpkins in front of the fence to the left say "THANKS"
Sticking with the black and white theme.
This was a last minute detail I found on Pinterest.
We used Mason jars with candles or photos in them. As well as other random items (like this snow globe) as our centrepieces.
Mason jars filled with markers on our Guestbook table.
Our dessert table/candy bar. The groom's cake stand & cupcake stand are white with black polka dots. All the plates are black & white and were found at a used cloting store. We had black & white treat bags by the candy so guests could take some home with them!
I found this black and white frame on the side of the road during town clean up week. Nothing better than FREE.
To the left we had photos of my Grampie and Turkey Butt's Nanny - both of whom passed away almost three years to the day before our wedding day. The sign says, wish you were here. The dresser drawer was another free roadside find and made a great place to put cards and gifts. The right side of the table is Guestbook stuff.
Found this photo in a mason jar idea on Pinterest. The Mr. and Mrs. were Etsy finds.
My amazing best friend Aye wrapped all these lights around the beams and my sister's boyfriend hung all the lanterns.
Our beverage area. More paper lanterns. "Candy" names for each of the drinks (i.e. peach juice and sparkling water was called Fuzzy Peaches).
Well folks, thanks for bearing with me through more wedding photos. I'm sure this won't be the end of them either. After planning for something for over a year, it's nice to drag it out as long as I can :) This is my life.

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