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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.

I've been busy all week and therefore neglecting my blogging needs. Turkey Butt's fun-filled Birthday Week (yes, week) is winding down but we've accomplished SO much!

Monday- Gave him a tour of my hometown and took him to meet my grandparents. Went out for birthday supper with my best friend Ay and her man and Turkey Butt's best friend Cee and his girlfriend. It was fantastic :) Everyone got along SO well. It was great for Turkey Butt and I to just sit back and watch everyone laughing and chatting with each other!

Tuesday- THE birth day. Turkey Butt came to visit me at work and met some of my silly residents. One of which is now convinced that we're getting married next summer and going to have a baby, haha. At the carrot cake that my sister Aych and I made for him.

Wednesday- Went to the city to so I could meet his parents. Met his Mom at her work. Spent the afternoon and the Discovery Centre. Went to his family cottage for the night with his Dad.

Thursday (today)- Back home from the cottage. Took the dog for a walk around town. Laid out in the sun til it was time for work. Since he's been at work, I've been printing off photos from the past few days to put into albums/scrapbooks.

Tomorrow- We plan to go hiking before we both head to work.

Oye, busy busy busy. But this is my life!

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