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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Desire To Save.

I'm really horrible when it comes to saving money. Always have been. As a child, my allowance was spent within hours of receiving it. Now as an adult, there are important things that I want to save up for. My dilemma is: How do I change my free-spending ways? This is Plan A:

Turkey Butt's best friend, Cee and his girlfriend are moving to New Zealand for a year. Cee's girlfriend and I are trying to convince Turkey Butt that we should go visit for a few weeks next summer.

This is what Turkey Butt would rather save our money for. I'm alright with this too!

I'm hoping that if I can SEE what I'm saving my money for, I'll be less likely to molest the undersides of my piggy bank for silly things like coffee money!

This is my life...

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