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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures in Moving.

Turkey Butt is an amazing boyfriend! He's been such a big help with all the packing, lugging and cleaning involved with the upcoming 30th move. My only complaint? In the time that we've been together, he still hasn't noticed that I am always right. Here's an example:

Yesterday while we were moving the last load of stuff out of the old apartment, Turkey Butt decided to bring the fish tank along, on his lap. Being the good girlfriend that I am, I suggested that he may want to dump out some of the water so he doesn't get wet. Being the man that he is, he decided I was wrong and he could definitely get the tank from my place to his without spilling a single drop of water.
A Series of Unfortunate Events
- The tank started spilling water all over Turkey Butt before we even made it out of the driveway (you're damn straight I said, I told you so)
- The dog, the very large Bernese Mountain Dog to be specific, got scared by the boxes surrounding her in the backseatand tried to jump into Turkey Butt's lap knocking around the fish tank that was presiding there
- Finding no room in Turkey Butt's lap, the dog steps on my cactus plant breaking it in half and jumps, crying, into my lap... AS I'M DRIVING DOWN MAIN STREET!!!
- End Result: Turkey Butt jeopradizes his life, to try to prove a point, but still loses. The dog makes a better door than a window. And me? I drove as carefully as I could with an 80lb puppy on my lap and without being able to breathe due to hyperventilating while laughing at Turkey Butt and the half a tank of water on his lap!!!!

Needless to say, good times were had by all. Oh, and maybe now Turkey Butt will accept the fact that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT! This is my life :)

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