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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love Notes

I am the kind of person who requires a lot of affection or else I worry that I'm not loved anymore. Turkey Butt is the kind of guy who isn't openly affectionate or quick to tell me how much he loves me or that he thinks I'm beautiful. I know he loves me but it's easy to get doubtful when he's gone so much and so busy when he's home. We're working on it.

One way that he has always been good at expressing his feelings is through his writing. So, while he's away this weekend and I am missing him desperately I will read and re-read passages from his little love notes to me, like this one:

"You have given me all that I could ever ask for and more than I could ever want!" - from his Valentine's Day card to me from this year.

This is my life!

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