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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Let's talk about birth control. Personally, I have never been a fan. Perhaps this is because the only option that was ever offered to me was the Pill. I am thoroughly annoyed by the Pill. Seriously, if you can remember to take it at the exact same time, every single day - good on ya. But me? Not a chance in hell.

As I got older I started researching other options and, at the time, the IUD seemed like the best option for a forgetful girl like me. Have it implanted and forget about birth control for five years. Woot! Of course the eventual downside to this was no baby for the next 5 years. At the time that I was pondering this conundrum I was with a ho-hum (a.k.a. boring) boyfriend whom I didn't plan to have kids with, EVER! But upon further consideration, I didn't plan to spend the next 5 years of my life with him either. So, I decided against the IUD.

Then I met Turkey Butt, fell madly in love and thanked my lucky stars that I didn't shell out the big bucks for an IUD. I could definitely see a future with this man. One that included many, many babies!

Cut to present day. I just got home from my 6 week appointment with my OB-GYN. At this appointment he asked me about birth control. Now personally, I am SO ready for baby number two. Sweet hubby on the other hand says we have to wait a year before we start trying again. Fair enough. So, now I'm sitting here with a sample of the NuvaRing, prepared to do a little research on it before I put it to use.

Anyone out there in blog land have any luck with a certain method of birth control? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is my life...

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