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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day minus the BF

I hate Valentine's Day! I will happily admit that the fact that I am ALWAYS single during this couple's holiday has a LOT to do with it. This year I am finally not single but GUESS WHAT?!? My wonderful, loving boyfriend recently moved to a) a different country and b) the other side of the continent.

This, I have long ago realized, is what best friend's are for. Let's keep a tally:

-Boyfriend sends me an early AM "Happy Valentine's Day" text (POINT).
-Best friend shows up after work with a homemade Valentine (POINT).
-Boyfriend tells me what we would be doing if we were together this holiday (POINT).
-Best friend takes me out for a romantic dinner for two (POINT).
-Best friend takes me to see a chick flick in the theatres (POINT).
-Boyfriend? Where are you Boyfriend?
-Best guy friend brings me chocolate mousse to my nursing home overnight (POINT!!!).
-Boyfriend, oh boyfriend.......

The only thing that kept me in a relatively good mood (considering): ERIC DANE in "Valentine's Day".

Enough said.

...this is my life.

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